About Us

Perhaps you are asking," why should I choose My Wine Driver to go on a wine tasting tour ?" Sharing some of my background may assist you in making your decision.

Our service is a great way to go if your looking for that special day of wine tasting when you know what type of wines you enjoy but not sure where to find them, considering there are over 300 wineries in our County.

We spend many hours researching wineries in Paso Robles in search of top quality wines, educated tasting room attendants and the best experience available for your unforgettable day of wine tasting.



We began working in the wine industry years ago as  part-time tasting room attendants in Paso Robles.

   As time passed, we immersed ourself in the Paso Robles wine industry; working in wine tasting rooms which include; Adelaida Cellars, Opolo Vineyards,Lions Peak,Carina Cellars,Four Vines and few more in Paso Robles & Cambria California.


We made a point to move from one winery to the next so as to increase my wine knowledge and study the different dynamics in tasting rooms in Paso Robles and as well as  to educate our palates. All the time spent working in wine tasting rooms, we were aware that there was a need for an affordable way to go wine tasting & touring the Paso Robles wineries. 


Yes it's true, just about anybody can drive you from one winery to the next and offer no input, if that is what you choose, we are happy to oblige you but, if you are in search of wine knowledge as well,we can guide you in that respect also. With our designated driver service in Paso Robles, your tour on the California central coast can be affordable & safe.


Everyone has their own palate which makes tasting wine subjective to a point. What isn't subjective though is a great experience.

Bottom line... we try our best to match your palate, comfort level & price points to the wineries that are available on your tour.