Service / Prices / Legal


*Rates per vehicle; not per person*

Tour rates: Monday thru Thursday

$30.00 per hour ( 1 to 4 passengers)

$35.00 per hour ( 5 passengers)

$40.00 per hour ( 6 passengers)

All tours are a minimum of 4 hours

Tour rates: Friday thru Sunday

$35.00 per hour ( 1 to 4 passengers)

$40.00 per hour ( 5 passengers)

$45.00 per hour ( 6 passengers)

All tours are a minimum of 4 hours.

Tour the wineries of San Luis Obispo County


* Paso Robles           * Arroyo Grande

* San Luis Obispo     * San Simeon

* Cambria                  * Templeton                                  *Avila Beach           * San Miguel

 A fuel surcharge of $30.00 will be applied to the following pick up locations:  San Miguel , Oceano.

We do not offer pick up to the following locations:

* Nipomo.

* Asuncion Ridge B&B.

* Santa Margarita.

* Cholame.

* Shandon.

* Bradley.

* Creston.

* Heritage Ranch.



We offer our services for special events in San Luis Obispo County including the events list below.


* Zinfandel Festival

* Wine Festival

* Harvest Festival

* Roll out the Barrels



                         The legal stuff

* By signing our contract, you / your insurance company give(s) our driver permissive driver status, also known as omnibus provision. You need to verify that this provision exists in your auto insurance policy. This means that when you expressly give others permission to drive your vehicle; collision,    liability,occupants & vehicle are covered.

* Please have "Proof of Insurance" with you.


* No Alcohol will be consumed in the vehicle

* May not consume marijuana while in vehicle.

* All opened containers of alcohol will be placed in the

trunk / cargo area of the vehicle.

* Although we specialize in wine tasting tours, due to the increasing popularity of local breweries we now extend our services to include Firestone Walker & BarrelHouse Brewing Company. We do not offer driver service to bars, concert events, etc.

* All passengers must be at least 21 years of age

 * Acceptable forms of payment: checks,Travelers'  checks & Cash. 


 * No credit cards accepted.


 * A copy of my DMV print out is available on request.


 * Maximum passengers (6) plus driver.


 * We do not drive 10 or 12 passenger vehicles.

 * We do not drive Motorhomes or Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans.


 * Vehicle must be in good running condition

 * We do not drive vehicles that have had their height   altered from factory specifications (e.g. lift kits, over sized tires).

 * All prices subject to change without notice

 * A 48 hour cancellation fee ($100.00) does apply.


 * Driving a rental: I will accompany you to the local car rental office to be added on as a second driver on the rental contract. Acceptable rental agencies: Enterprise, National & Alamo.There will be no exceptions.