Terms & Conditions

                             Terms & Conditions

 You authorize Ron Tucker to driver your vehicle under permissive driver status, also known as omnibus provision. Your auto insurance will need to cover your vehicle (collision), the occupants and liabilities.

* All passengers Must have completed their covid vaccinations & bring their shot record card for proof.

* Must provide proof of current insurance that includes liability & collision coverage.
* All tour passengers must be at least 21 years of age.
* No alcohol will be consumed in the vehicle.
* May not consume marijuana while in vehicle.
* All open bottles of alcohol will be placed in trunk/cargo area of the vehicle.
* All tour must be concluded by 6pm.
* Maximum tour group size: 4 plus driver.

* Types of payment accepted: Check or Cash only.
* Tours are 4 hour minimum.
* A 48 hour cancellation fee of $100.00 does apply.
* We do not offer driver service to bars, concert events, etc.
* We do not drive vehicles that have their height altered from factory specifications (e.g. lift kits, over sized tires).
* We (My Wine Driver) have the option to stop your tour if necessary, based on wineries or breweries refusing to serve you or your guests based on your sobriety & actions on their property / tasting rooms.
* While on a winery's or brewery's property, the alcohol consumed must be from the winery or brewery's tasting room you're visiting at that time & not alcohol from any other producer or source. Alcoholic Beverage Control (California)

* If unforeseen circumstances (sickness, family emergency, etc) require My Wine Driver to cancel your reservation, we will refund your security deposit (if any) and do our best to find another reputable driver service as close in price as possible.
* We are a first come first served business.