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We offer a safe & affordable way for you to enjoy your wine tasting tour as your designated driver in Paso Robles,San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas. You, the customer, provide the vehicle; we provide the driver. Enjoy touring & wine tasting in the comfort of your own vehicle.   Maximum 6 passengers.

                             Tour Rates

$30.00 per hour; 4 hour minimum on weekdays.

$35.00 per hour; 5 hour minimum on weekends.

We specialize in wine tasting tours only.We put 100% of our focus & energy into making your wine tasting adventure very special.This is why we do not offer driver service to bars, brewery's, concert events etc.



By selecting My Wine Driver's tour services, you can enjoy your wine tasting tour in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo with none of the risk. Paso Robles wine tasting tours are catered to your wishes whether you are a wine novice or experienced wine taster.  You may plan your wine tasting excursion based on the wineries of your choice or have us offer some input on your tour based on years working in wineries and your preferences or a combination of both. Paso Robles wine tasting tours are on the top of the list of things to do on the California Central coast. Our service doesn't stop at the door. With an abundance of knowledge and a discerning palate, we are also available to help you choose that special bottle of wine.We have over 400 successful tours. We get it !


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 * Assorted cheese & cracker snacks are provided.

  * Tour guides are knowledgeable about wines. 

  * We offer to take you to some of the hidden gems

     that Paso Robles has to offer.If you are looking for      off the beaten path wineries, we got them !